About Our Company

Microskin’s core business since 2005 is their cosmeceutical technology and products. This revolves around a product called Microskin Simulated Second Skin. It is not a thick cream like other camouflage and makeup products but rather a unique formulation that is applied thinly to the top layer of the epidermis, it does not reach the skin dermis and is not absorbed by the blood capillaries located in the dermis layer.

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Board of Management

Barry Amor

Barry’s 40 year career spans the telecommunications, industrial equipment and information systems sectors. (more)

Barry Lowndes

Lowndes brings to Microskin a wealth of knowledge and understanding from a management perspective. (more)

David Merson

For 21 years, David Merson was the chief executive officer of Mincom Limited, a company he founded in 1979. (more)

Scott McTaggart

An investor and business consultant with shareholding and directorships in MezurX Pty Ltd (drilling services) and Euclideon Pty Ltd (3D graphics). (more)

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Skin Conditions


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